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Neemoil for Nails & Skin

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Neem for nail and skin fungus recommended by Podiatrists and Doctors


For Nails and Skin 

Since 2008 Neem Oil has become the main treatment for nail fungus in the Podiatry practice of Simone McConnie, due to its effectiveness, safety and other health benefits. Most people with nail fungus have dry, brittle, luster less, yellow or otherwise discolored nails. In some cases the nails are detached from the nail bed and reoccurrence for these infections are very high. Neem oil has shown great success with the trials done on patience.

Earth Mother Botanicals Limited is a Barbadian company producing a 100% natural skin care line from organic herbs, fruits and flowers grown locally, combined with high quality oils and other purely natural food grade ingredients. No chemical preservatives, colors or fragrances are added. Therefore, they are non-allergenic for most people and are gently healing for the skin. The scents come from the fresh plants and only pure essential oils. Earth Mother Botanicals offer safe and effective natural skin care products that are “GREEN” and Environmentally Friendly

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