1. How To Prevent Work from Stealing from Your Life

    How To Prevent Work from Stealing from Your Life

    Even though work life may take up a percentage of the day, sometimes it feels like it’s taken the best of it. Let’s be honest, most people in Barbados, myself included, wake up to go to work, only to go home and recover so we can do it all over again.

    Trapped in a never-ending cycle that promotes basic survival but never really enhances our quality of life. We all complain about having no time for ourselves, but what can we do to change it?

    Sometimes some help is needed so we don’t become overwhelmed by the tasks we need to complete or, become disadvantaged by neglecting them.  So, I took upon myself to do some research to find some solution because this problem affects almost everyone at some point in their work life.

    It could save us all time if I did some of the dirty work, you’re welcome. The instinctive solution, which I think crosses everyone’s mind at various points in the day, was to quit, but I had to quickly reconsider due to the uncomfortable elephant in the room (Cue sound effects “Dun dun dunnnn!!) the cost of living.

    Desperate for some answers I decided to take a different approach by finding things that

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